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How A Psychologist Can Help You To Manage Your Anger

Most people experience feelings of anger and frustration from time-to-time.  But sometimes those feelings can become difficult to control, and explosions of temper can lead to serious problems in your relationships and in your daily life.  But how could a psychologist help you to manage your anger issues?  Read on to find out more.

Anger management issues

It's perfectly normal for you to feel frustrated and irritable sometimes, but when those feelings erupt into intense, uncontrollable rage that lasts for hours at a time, you could have a problem with anger management.  Other warning indicators that you might have a problem for which you need help include;

  • physical aggression
  • stress-related health issues
  • inability to control your physical and verbal responses
  • problems in close relationships or at work because of your temper

If any or all of the above sound like you, you should talk to a psychologist for help.

Relaxation therapy

Relaxation therapy is used by psychologists to help patients with anger issues.  Your psychologist will teach you a technique called progressive relaxation so that eventually you'll be able to relax just by thinking of a specific image or word.

The technique involves the patient concentrating on a situation that would usually trigger an episode of intense anger, for example another driver pulling out in front of you.  You will then be talked-through how to relax and associate your 'special' image or word with this feeling.  After intensive therapy and practice, you'll be able to trigger feelings of relaxation just by visualising the word or image.

Cognitive therapy

It's often the way that you think about a certain situation that makes you angry.  For example, if your editor sends back a piece of work you've spent hours creating and asks you to change it, you might think, "Idiot!  He just doesn't appreciate my work!"

In cognitive therapy, your psychologist will help you to find a different way of thinking about the situation that's made you angry and how to react to it.  Rather than thinking evil thoughts about your editor, you could think, "Okay, it won't take me long to make the amendments, and the piece will be even better when I've finished.  I see this as a learning opportunity."

Skills development

The third tactic used by psychologists in anger management therapy is skills development.  Perhaps learning a new skill might be beneficial in helping to control your feelings of anger.  For example, if you frequently experience 'road rage' in response to others' driving, you may find a safe driving skills course beneficial.

In conclusion

A good psychologist can help you to manage uncontrollable feelings of anger that might be damaging your life.  Ask your doctor to recommend a good psychology consultancy and make an appointment today.