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Recruiting for diversity

If you are looking to improve the diversity of your company workforce, it can be very useful to employ a recruitment agency to fill some of your roles. Here are some ways that recruitment companies can help improve your diversity.

Blind ads

If your company has a reputation for not being particularly diverse, some applicants might self-select out of the recruiting process by not applying to your company at all. By not including your company logo you might find that the pool of applicants that applies for advertised roles is even higher particularly if your reputation is of a non-diverse workforce. The recruiting agency can also help to design an ad that doesn't include any wording that may be limiting the types of people applying for roles, as there may be subtle wording issues that can sway candidates' opinions of your company.

An existing pool of applicants

If you are hiring for specific skills, you may find that a specialist recruiting company already has some applicants on file that could be considered for your roles. This means you can have access to a larger pool of applicants than you might have gotten from a single advertising campaign. You can approach candidates you may not have gotten applications from in the normal course of recruiting.

Interviewing skills

Recruiters are experienced in interviewing people from a range of backgrounds and as such can sometimes find candidates who might be a great fit who might not immediately shine in internal interviews. Equally they can work on providing a very structured interview that focuses more on skills and experience and does not place undue focus on fitting in with current staff. Often interviewers have subconscious biases where they look for people who are similar to them, or make decisions based on other stereotypes. Professional recruiters have systems in place and extra training, as well as substantial interviewing experience, to help conquer these issues.

Job offer packages

Recruitment agencies can also offer you assistance in improving your job offer packages. In order to attract high quality and diverse candidates, it can help to emphasise some of the parts of the job packages that can support people with diverse needs, such as telecommuting possibilities or flexible work packages.

Using a recruitment agency can help your organisation attract a range of candidates for job roles from diverse backgrounds. Finding the best candidates for your business can help secure your future success.