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Helping out a friend who is applying for a partner visa

If you have a friend that is going through the process of getting their romantic partner a partner visa, you may be called on to offer some support for their application. Here are some useful things you can do to help.

Review your social media posts

The Department of Immigration is looking for evidence of a shared life and social network, so it can be useful to head back through your social media history and find examples of events you have attended together, as well as any messages that have been shared online whilst the couple has been apart. As more communication heads towards digital correspondence, couples can find it harder to track down records of their communications, even though the communication paths have made it easier to stay in daily contact with loved ones in other countries.

Don't worry if these communications are primarily in another language, as they can easily be translated.

Write a letter supporting their relationship

Another way you can assist is by writing a letter showing your understanding of their relationship which can be submitted within the visa application process. If you are not a confident writer, you might be able to get some assistance in style and format through the immigration agent that your friends are using. Do not worry about having a flowery prose style, as the Australian government is more convinced by factual and detailed writing with examples to back up claims. This might include the commitment that the partner shows to the other person's family, or support they offer to study or work achievements.

Be available for an interview

The Department of Immigration may also request interviews with some friends and family, so that they can ask questions and clarify parts of the application. If you have some flexibility in your work or study schedule it can be useful to volunteer to be one of these people even if you are not required in the end. Having more evidence and people contributing to the application process provides evidence of the depth and extent of the shared social network.

It is an extremely useful and kind thing to help your friends with their partner visa application. If you have more questions on the application process it can be worth talking to your friend's immigration agent as they have a depth of experience with these sorts of applications and can give you some useful information.

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