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Aspects of a Building That Should be the Focal Point of Inspection

Buying a building or property of any type is a major investment that you need to make sure is protected. This is done most effectively by having any building that you are interested in purchasing inspected before the sale is complete. A building inspection is designed to protect the prospective buyer of the property and pinpoint any major flaws. When you have a building inspected, the entire property is evaluated by a professional like Jeffrey Hills and Associates, but there are some areas that should be the main focus. Before you follow a professional inspector through a property that you are interested in buying, it is important that you are aware of the most expensive potential flaws that could exist to ensure that you make a wise investment.


Flooding issues have the ability to wreak havoc on any property. They can lead to cracks in the foundation or moving of the foundation. This means that the grade sloping and draining of the property needs to be thoroughly inspected. This means that you need to be on the lookout of signs that the foundation is negatively being impacted by poor draining. The telltale signs that most inspectors look for to signal this expensive flaw are windows that are not completely on square and gaps within doors. It is even possible to sometimes notice that the floor is not completely even. This is a problem that buyers typically want to shy away from because repairing moving foundation can be very costly.


It is also important for buildings that feature stucco on the exterior to also be thoroughly inspected. Stucco is designed to be durable and resistant, but it is possible for there to be flaws that are evident. It is possible for water to get through cracks in stucco, which means that the base of walls are especially vulnerable to water leaks. The signs of water damage due to the stucco can be found on the interior of the home.


There are different types of piping that can be installed in a property, but Orangeburg piping is a type of piping that is designed to connect the home to the main sewer line. It is vulnerable to damage and will fail eventually. This means that if you are looking to buy a property with this type of piping, you need to be aware that a new sewer pipe will need to be installed. This type of pipe should be pointed out during the inspection.